Genesis & Metamorphosis

Jimi Hendrix’s infamous song, Little Wing, from which the brand derives its name, is an ode to the beauty of mood Jimi viewed in the crowd while performing at the Monterey, California Pop Festival in ’67, in which he translated that summer of love atmosphere and free-spirit feeling into the form of a girl. Borne of a desire to embody that essence in fashion, and in the spirit of joy and celebration, Butterflyzebra came to fruition. We rock on today with ‘butterflies, zebras, moonbeams, and fairytales’, that lyrical place where reality and dreams meet, within our female-designed collection’s heart and soul.

Life is black and white often, and we reflect that. When it bursts into full color, it is still very much us. Feet planted on the ground, or flying through life, we want the comfort, and we want the chicness in all environments.

Butterflyzebra believes in fabrications of softness and luxury, those that are primarily wrinkle-resistant, provide easy care, are fit-retentive, and always, femininely flattering. We are proud to be 100% designed and produced in the City of Angels: Los Angeles, CA, USA.